Learning Resources

This page keeps track of some learning resources primarily for my own references. They are categorized into three categories, i.e., Bluetooth beacon, Learning materials and Research Resources.


Bluetooth Low Energy2

Besides sharing some BLE beacon-related resources, i will also blog my opinions and insights regarding BLE beacon from time to time, in the hope of stimulating further discussion. You are welcome to share your creative discoveries.



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This page keeps track of my own learning, it includes my own scraped learning notes and also some exercises. Please note that i could not guarantee 100% correctness of the materials i shared, it primarily used for my own references. Currently, my learning subjects cover Signal and System, Mobile Radio Channel, Compressive Sensing for Wireless Network … Continue reading Learning


This page collects some research resources including the writing advises and useful tools. Note that most of the materials are collected from other websites, we could not guarantee its 100% availability. We will remove the link if the link is not working anymore. Writing Advises: A very useful guideline on how to write a good … Continue reading Resources